Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tim Wakefield to be Traded?

Can the Red Sox actually trade Tim Wakefield?!

Gordon Edes at ESPN Boston has a piece today about players the Sox have on the trading block and one of them is Tim Wakefield. 

More so than any player in the last decade Wakefield symbolizes everything that the Sox have overcome and accomplished.  From serving up the devastating final home run of the 2003 ALCS to some guy, on some team and then carrying this team on his shoulders through the single greatest comeback (or collapse, depending on your point of view) by a major league baseball team in the history of the game.

And yet in 2011 we are faced with the business of the game as Red Sox brass think about getting rid of him.  Look, Ray Borque left the Bruins for the Avalanche, Wade Boggs left the Sox for... some other team... but those were choices these players made.  Wakefield wants to be in Boston and I think he has earned the right to stick around on his own terms.

*Update:  according to the Boston Herald, Theo Epstein has flatly denied these trade rumors.

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  1. If Wakefield doesn't want to be traded, he won't be. He has 10/5 rights.

  2. What are they gonna trade him for....a case of used bats and a few hot dogs?

  3. We could use some fast pitchers